10 DIY Back To School Projects For Kids

Back to school time can be so much fun, but it’s also tiring and busy! Thankfully, there are plenty of simple DIY projects you can create in order to save some money and make your first few weeks back at home with the kids go more smoothly. Make sure to check out these 10 DIY back to school projects for kids before you head back to work this fall! They’re sure to make your life easier while keeping the kids occupied and happy while they adjust to their new schedules and school supplies!

1) DIY Backpack

back to school back to school back to school back to school back to school back to school back to school back to school

Nothing says back-to-school like new shoes, a new outfit, and your favorite backpack. To give your kid a fashionable but functional accessory that they’ll love all year long, make them a cool DIY backpack! Materials needed: recycled materials (padded laptop sleeve from old bag), cardboard, scrapbook paper/fabric, glue gun + glue sticks. Let them pick out their favorite colors and design as you get creative with these fun crafting materials!

2) Cool Pencil Case

back to school

Don’t spend money on an overpriced pencil case. Instead, make your own at home! To create your own, gather a cardboard box, markers and stickers. Cut out squares and triangles and then get creative with how you decorate it! The best part is that you can use it as a pencil case while still looking good enough to show off to friends! Be sure to try more than one design so you don’t end up with two similar cases.

3) DIY Arts and Crafts For Back To School

Back-to-school season means arts and crafts time. And it’s never too early to start gathering supplies. If you know how to do some of these easy DIY projects, your child will have plenty of fun on rainy days without wasting money at craft stores. As an added bonus, you can save your back by keeping all of these supplies organized in one place!

4) Reusable Lunch Bag

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Rather than pay $10 or more on a new lunch bag, get some fabric and make your own. Reusable bags are better for both your wallet and our planet. If you’re trying to save money back-to-school time, try making a few of these bags yourself using old T-shirts and material scraps. This can be a very fun project for you and your kids!

5) Scented Pencil Case

back to school

Back-to-school shopping can be expensive, but there are a lot of creative ways to save money while still getting your children everything they need. One of my favorite back-to-school frugal hacks is making your own DIY scented pencil case.

6) Funky Lunch Boxes

back to school

If you have kids, you’re probably sick of how many plastic lunch boxes they go through each year. If your kids are going back to school, it’s a great time to think about fun and creative ways that they can take their lunches with them. Instead of yet another boring plastic box, help your kids make some funky homemade lunch boxes.

7) Foldable Desk Organiser

If you’re going back to school and are worried about desk space, try making a foldable desk organiser. These little items can make it easier for small desks and dorm rooms, plus they’re easily assembled from readily available materials. Although there are many variations of these items, here’s one version that can be easily made at home. It will fit on your desktop and help keep everything in order. What do you need?

8) DIY Bookmarks

back to school

Bookmarks are perfect back-to-school projects. Fun, colorful, and cheap, they add a personal touch your kids will appreciate! You can create bookmarks with scrapbook paper, pictures cut from magazines and glued onto cardboard, or you can use construction paper and let your children draw their own designs.

9) Upcycled Notebook Cover

Recycling old notebooks into new ones is a great way to use what you have while supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. If you’re looking for a fun upcycling project, try covering an old notebook with some colored duct tape or felt for a trendy, customizable school supply. The possibilities are endless!

10) Mason Jar Crafts

Getting ready for school is all about getting organized, and who doesn’t love a craft project? Mason jars are one of those household items that can be used in countless ways, from home-brewing to decorating. And now you can also use them as a fun vessel to store your kids’ school supplies.


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