10 DIY Pillowcases Ideas That Will Spruce Up Your Bed

Sick of your old, boring pillowcases? Looking to spruce up your bedroom? Or maybe you’re just the type who enjoys making things from scratch! Either way, these DIY pillowcases are great projects to take on, or they’ll add some flair to your bed (or sofa!). From simple prints to creative shapes and personalized designs, there are plenty of options when it comes to DIYing new pillowcases. So give one of these DIY pillowcases ideas a try! Your bed will thank you!

1) Red Flowers

DIY Pillowcases

There’s something to be said about elegant simplicity. A simple pillowcase with a red floral print can add a touch of class to any bedroom and is easy to whip up at home in just a few steps. It’s also easier on your wallet than buying designer bedding, so you can make as many as you want without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas for DIY projects that will look like they came from high-end department stores!

2) Cool Blue

DIY Pillowcases

Color has a profound effect on our moods and actions. Light blue is said to make us calmer, so it’s no surprise that it’s a staple of many bedrooms. If you want to create an inviting space for lounging, try swapping out your hot pink comforter for a light blue one. We love these DIY ideas for making your own pillowcases or duvet covers in shades of cool blue!

3) Sophisticated Floral

DIY Pillowcases

If you love floral prints but are intimidated by sewing, you’ll be delighted to discover that it is possible to create a beautiful and sophisticated bedspread with no sewing experience whatsoever. Start off by purchasing an iron-on fabric-decal kit. These kits are designed to last longer than other iron-on products and can be applied without doing any sewing at all. Next, head out and purchase a pre-washed duvet cover, which is available in twin through king sizes.

4) One-Of-A-Kind Animal Print

DIY Pillowcases

These DIY pillowcases feature an all-over print of a leopard pattern. This is a quick and easy DIY project that’s great for changing up a room on a budget. These one-of-a-kind pillowcases will jazz up your bed in just minutes, making it look more stylish and inviting for guests.

5) Colorful Stripes

DIY Pillowcases

Not only will colorful stripes add character to your room, but they’ll also help you differentiate between your pillows. Use a bright, bold color like red or blue and create two sets of striped pillowcases. It will make it easier to recognize which is your favorite.

6) Zebra Print and Pink Flowers

DIY Pillowcases

Zebra print and pink flowers are a match made in style heaven. As with most DIY projects, it all starts with a pillowcase. You can get creative by making your own or buying one at any major retail store. We chose to make our own, so we had to gather materials: white cotton cloth, paint (black and white), fabric markers (assorted colors), sponge applicator, and an old t-shirt for wiping up paint.

7) Bold Bright Colors with Polka Dots

DIY Pillowcases

One of my favorite DIY pillowcase ideas is to create pillows with bright, bold colors and polka dots. These two patterns together will add a fun, youthful vibe to your room without being too young or outdated. A great option for a bedroom or playroom, bright pink and lime green polka dots on white pillowcases are a playful and chic way to update your bed. With so many different colors of sheets, polka dots can be placed anywhere from light yellow to dark blue.

8) Bright Fuchsia

You could make pillows from fuchsia fabric, or cover them with fuchsia ribbons. The color is so dynamic that it would look great even with a neutral bedspread. These pillowcases look particularly good with a delicate floral embroidery, such as wildflowers or roses. These DIY pillowcase ideas are simple to create and very affordable! The best part is that you can use your favorite fabrics to create these pillows.

9) Patterned in Zigzags

DIY Pillowcases

Love zigzags? Put them to good use with a creative DIY pillowcase idea. Create your own unique piece using long strips of fabric and some bias tape. You can go for triangles or even zigzags! All you need are two straight edges, so that you’ll be able to form a square with one of your pieces.

10) Modern Black and White Stripes

Black and white stripes, especially a fresh white border with a hint of black in it can look really stylish. It’s also very easy to create, all you need is black thread, cotton fabric and scissors. Just cut out two equal-sized rectangles and sew them together along one long side. Then turn it right way round so that you have a bit of overlap at each end. Sew up that overlap and voila! A simple stylish pillowcase.


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