10 Newspaper Crafts To Keep Kids Entertained

Newspaper crafts are among the easiest activities you can do with your kids, especially if you want to keep them entertained for hours on end! Whether you’re looking to keep them busy during a long car ride or prepare an afternoon of fun after school, newspaper crafts are an excellent idea. Check out these newspaper crafts ideas and decide which one you’ll try first!

1) Newspaper Basket

Newspaper Crafts

One of my favorite crafts as a kid was making newspaper baskets. I’d save up old newspapers, cut them into strips and then weave them together to make sturdy little baskets that my mom would line with plastic wrap so they could hold fruit or vegetables. If you want an easy, fun activity for your kids, print some coloring pages off Google Images and set your child to lose on an afternoon of weaving.

2) Newspaper Treat Bags

Newspaper Crafts

This craft is cheap, easy, and fun for kids of all ages. Make a treat bag by folding a rectangular piece of newspaper in half and cutting out two triangles from each side. Glue or tape them together along the edges and fill them with goodies.

3) Newspaper Butterfly

Newspaper Crafts

One fun newspaper craft is an origami butterfly. You can make a life-size one or one that’s just a little bigger than your hand. This easy-to-make butterfly is perfect for classrooms, children’s parties, and home use. All you need are newspaper pages, glue, paint (optional), and anything else you want to add for decoration, such as stickers, yarn pieces, or flower petals.

4) Newspaper Masks

Newspaper Crafts

Newspaper masks are a fun and entertaining way for kids to create colorful, interesting faces that they can wear. You can make your child’s favorite characters, such as Scooby-Doo or Elmo or you can let their imagination go wild and come up with unique looks based on what they see in their daily lives. Newspaper masks will not only keep your children entertained but will give them something cool to show off at school.

5) Mirror Frame

Newspaper Crafts

If you’re looking for a fun way to stay busy and creative over summer break, consider using newspapers to make a mirror frame. Newspaper is inexpensive, easy to use, and looks great when assembled as art. Use your imagination. There are tons of crafts you can make with newspapers that will help you keep entertained over summer break!

6) Newspaper Garland

Newspaper Crafts

Newspaper garlands are an easy way to keep your kids entertained. Plus, they’re fun and relatively inexpensive. If you need a quick craft or gift idea for kids, consider making newspaper garlands using scotch tape and several newspapers.

7) Wedding Bouquet

Newspaper Crafts

A fun and simple wedding bouquet that can be made out of any unused newspaper. With a little crafting ingenuity, you can use old newspapers to make anything from soft crafts for kids to beautiful home decor pieces. This is a fast and easy way to create a colorful and fun home décor! In fact, newspaper crafts are so simple, anyone can make them. So start gathering up your old newspapers!

8) Paper Airplanes

Making paper airplanes is a great way to get kids interested in newspaper crafts. The point of throwing a plane isn’t accuracy, it’s fun. Inevitably, your kid will come up with an airplane that flies really well and she’ll want to keep it so she can show her friends. You can solve that problem by having her paint it first. Decorate it with streamers before attaching it back together.

9) Kid Hat

If you have a blank newspaper, you can make an incredibly fun kid hat. Fold it in half and then lay it on a flat surface. Cut strips of a newspaper long enough to fit around your head and glue them on, leaving one end loose so that your child can put it on easily. Do not glue down any part of the top or bottom flaps. You should end up with a large cone shape made out of newspaper strips that fits snugly around your child’s head.

10) Newspaper Leaves

Give each child a large sheet of newspaper, and have them crumple it into a ball. Set these aside. Cut smaller strips of newspaper. The thinner they are, the easier they’ll be for younger children to fold. Show your kids how to make simple cranes, boats and butterflies from folded newspaper strips by demonstrating with your own creations first. And you can also encourage them by holding competitions in which kids see who can make a certain shape faster or better than anyone else!


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