5 Clever DIY Wedding Sign Ideas

Wedding sign is one of the most important elements of your wedding day—without them, how will your guests know where to go or what to do? But despite their obvious necessity, wedding signs are usually some of the least-thought-out elements in your entire wedding day plan. Here are 5 DIY wedding sign ideas that will help you avoid this common pitfall and ensure that your guests know where to go and what to do throughout your big day!


Use Chalkboard Paint

wedding sign ideas

From menu boards to chalkboard wall art, chalkboard paint is a fun way to give your home some character. You don’t need to think of every possible use for it—there are plenty of unique ways to incorporate chalkboard paint into any room of your house. A lot of people feel that chalkboard means eat here or drink here, but you can use it just as effectively in other rooms or spaces around your home. Whether you want a simple set of instructions for guests (e.g., please take off your shoes before entering, thank you!) or more whimsical ideas like hanging a map and writing family itineraries, chalkboard paint is a great option.


Use Canvas

If you want to get really fancy, a custom-made canvas sign is a great way to go. Not only will it fit with your theme and style, but it’s an inexpensive option that’s guaranteed to impress your guests—and you! To get started, contact local artists or look for signs on sites like Petra Shops. Make sure you have specifics about what you want to be written out before going in for a consultation. After all, you don’t want to shell out money if they can’t provide exactly what you had envisioned!


Use Wood Slats

For a rustic or natural look, consider using wood slats. Wood can be painted, stained, or left natural; however, you may have to prime it first. Sanding is also an option if you plan on painting your sign. The benefit of using wood slats is that you can use a variety of woods (ex: cedar, pine) that would give your sign a one-of-kind appearance. Latticework can also be added for more interest and definition. However, it does take longer to complete than some other sign methods.


Use Plastic Signs

Save money on wedding invitations by turning to a plastic sign that can be hung around your neck during your ceremony. This practical and affordable idea will let everyone know what’s happening at each moment of your ceremony, which is especially helpful for those who aren’t familiar with wedding customs and traditions. Before designing signs for marriage, unity candle lighting, and other events. Go through a mock ceremony with family members to make sure that you catch all of them. Then practice in front of a mirror! You can even use a place card holder as props if you want something that looks nicer than plastic signs printed from home or office printers.


Use Felt Letters

Felt is a smart, fun choice when it comes to crafting wedding sign. Not only is it incredibly easy to work with (and cheap!), but it also adds visual interest and a handmade feel to your sign. To get started, cut out your letters or shapes from felt using either an Exacto knife or sharp scissors. It’s important to carefully measure before cutting since felt is thinner than paper. So keep in mind that you might need more than one piece for each letter. (At least on my puny little craft table!) Then simply glue each piece onto your board! In addition to being easy and inexpensive, another bonus of choosing felt over paper for your wedding sign is that you can easily customize them!

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