6 Easy Ways To Clean The Walls In Your Home

Clean the walls in your home isn’t always easy, especially when you have pets or kids, or if you’re doing it to prep your walls for painting. There are many different ways to clean the walls in your home and most of them are fairly simple and don’t take too much time or effort. Here are six of the easiest methods that you can use to clean the walls from top to bottom and be on your way to paint in no time at all!

1) Magic Eraser

clean the walls

These nifty little sponges have a knack for cleaning just about anything and everything. While they’re perfect for general maintenance, they’re especially useful when it comes to cleaning walls. Magic Erasers are made of melamine foam, which is soft enough not to leave marks but sturdy enough to scrub away dirt. They also remove scuff marks from floors. Just wet your Magic Eraser and rub gently in a circular motion. After you rinse with warm water, wipe dry with a clean cloth; if necessary, repeat until your wall looks pristine once again.

2) Vinegar & Water

Mixing equal parts vinegar and water helps remove grease from walls. Use a cotton ball or soft cloth to dab at smudges, then let them sit for a few minutes before wiping clean with a wet rag. This is an easy, inexpensive way to clean the walls surface – use it for wood paneling, brick walls, painted walls… pretty much everything! Note: Vinegar can be quite acidic; wear gloves if your skin is sensitive and test it on an inconspicuous area first.

3) Crushed Lemon

Lemon can be used as a natural cleaning product that will not only clean the walls but also leave behind a pleasant and refreshing scent. All you need is one lemon, warm water, dish soap, and a sponge. Pour two tablespoons of dish soap into a glass of warm water and add one tablespoon of crushed lemon into it. Dip your sponge into it and start scrubbing away at your walls with it. You’ll soon notice how much dirt has accumulated on them over time. Rinse with clear water afterward.

4) Rubbing Alcohol

Not only does rubbing alcohol takes the grease off of surfaces, but it’s also flammable—meaning that you can spray it on walls, wait a few minutes for it to dry, and then set it ablaze with a lighter. Using rubbing alcohol as an alternative cleaner can be great if you’re trying to save money and don’t want high fumes or strong chemicals lingering around your home.

5) Mineral Spirits

When it comes to removing paint, mineral spirits are a great option. Not only will they cut through tough layers of varnish or latex paint, but they’re also non-toxic and can be used for a variety of household tasks. They also dry quickly and aren’t nearly as smelly as other traditional solvents, like acetone or turpentine. Try adding mineral spirits to your home cleaning routine!

6) Bleach Spray

Dilute 1⁄2 cup of bleach with 1⁄2 gallon of water and apply to walls using a spray bottle. Let sit for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. This is also an effective way to get rid of mildew on your bathroom walls. Rinse again with clean water after letting it sit for 10 minutes. For tough areas, use a scrub brush instead of rinsing immediately after letting it sit for 10 minutes.


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