8 DIY Fence Ideas for Your Backyard

Are you in the market for a new fence? You’re not alone. According to the International Fence Manufacturers Association, about 95% of homeowners go with fencing when making property improvements. While it’s true that some fences can be expensive and complicated to install. So this article for DIY fence ideas is going to be greatly healpful.

There are plenty of cheap or easy DIY fence ideas out there to help you add privacy, security, and value to your home without spending thousands on a permanent structure. If you’re interested in learning more about these ideas or want to share your own backyard fence project with other homeowners. Check out these eight DIY fence ideas today!


Deck Around Pool

Installing a deck around your pool makes it more inviting and safer. For example, if you just have grass surrounding your pool, kids might be more likely to fall in because they’re not as wary of falling into the grass as they are about falling into the water. You can prevent that with a deck. As long as you make sure there’s something between them and a slippery edge or shallow end, people will feel like there’s something to prevent them from falling in (and nothing keeps them from sliding on wet decks.) A deck also protects your turf from sun damage caused by the sun reflecting off of water; no one wants to lie down on hot concrete when it’s warm outside!


Privacy Screen

privacy fence

A privacy screen is a fantastic alternative to an ugly fence, or as an addition to your existing fence. You can build one out of any material you want, but two popular materials are bamboo and twigs. If you choose bamboo, make sure it’s at least 10 feet tall. Twigs will take up less space and require very little maintenance; all you have to do is place them on top of one another until you reach your desired height. Whichever material you choose, plant something that grows quickly around it so that you can cover your screen in three months or less—otherwise, it might start looking messy after a while!


Pool Safety Fence

While a fence is generally not seen as a safety device, when it comes to pool safety fences their function becomes quite clear. The National Safety Council has said that one-third of drowning deaths in children under age 5 occur in home swimming pools; of those deaths, three-quarters are in residential yards without pool barriers or alarms. It’s essential to secure your backyard pool with a fence that meets safety guidelines—and make sure it includes a self-closing and self-latching gate that locks from both sides so no one can get out unsupervised. And remember: It doesn’t matter how high your fence is if there’s nothing to prevent you from simply climbing over it.


Pergola Style

Plant a garden in your backyard and install a pergola over it. Pergolas are attractive additions to your home that serve dual purposes. They provide shade, which helps keep you cool on hot days. In addition, they can protect plants from wind damage during storms. Attach pergolas using pre-made kits, or create your own design. Either way, you’ll have an area that serves as an outdoor extension of your living space; in addition to adding beauty and value to your property, a well-designed pergola can be an extra room that adds functionality.


Freestanding Garden Bed

If you are working with a small space, garden beds can be a good way to make sure your plants get enough sun. Instead of fencing in a large area, plant only what you need in one or two areas. Be sure to pick plants that will do well with the limited sun (plants like raspberries and blueberries). You may also want to look into cloches; these planters act as an extra barrier between your plants and any potential pests, without taking up much room. They’re also useful in extending your growing season!


 Natural Look

If you’re looking to add some curb appeal or simply want to keep your kids out of trouble, consider building a natural-look fence with pieces of driftwood. It will allow you to escape the clutter and give your yard a clean, modern look. Before you decide on any materials, take a walk around your property to see if there are any rocks or logs that would be better in place than removed. Once you have gathered your materials, gather friends and family together with hammers, drill bits, and saws to help assemble these projects in no time. If you’re worried about privacy but still love nature-inspired décor ideas, a trellis may be perfect for you!


Electric Dog Fence

Installing an electric dog fence can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Although professional installation is a better idea if you’re not experienced in working with electricity, you could save hundreds of dollars by learning how to do it yourself and doing it right. The first step is researching different DIY options that suit your needs and budget. Then comes purchasing materials and getting to work. Make sure you follow all safety precautions and set up extra-strength containment walls with special cables or wires—you don’t want your dog scaling a fence!


Fire Pit Wall

A fence doesn’t have to be made out of wood or brick. Why not make it a bit more interesting with a fire pit wall? It adds ambiance and also can help provide added warmth in areas where you may be lacking it. Additionally, if you’re trying to keep an area off-limits to pets or children—such as an above-ground pool—you could surround it with a fire pit wall instead of a traditional fence. This is an especially attractive choice when done in conjunction with stone or rock walls that serve as part of your landscaping design (and also look great when lit at night).

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