8 DIY Wedding Flower Decorations

DIY wedding flower decorations can save you hundreds of dollars, and they’re a great way to add personality to your wedding. These are 8 easy DIY wedding flower decorations that you can make yourself! Whether you want something more casual or prefer more traditional flower decorations, there’s something here for everyone!


Purple Wedding Decoration

Purple wedding flower decoration

Flowers are often incorporated into weddings for decoration. But if you’re thinking of breaking tradition and doing something a little different, you might want to consider purple wedding flowers. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, but purple flowers can help your big day stand out from all of those others with more traditional colors. Even if it’s just slightly. Purple is one of our favorite wedding flowers and we think you should give them a try on your big day! Here are some ideas to get you started.


DIY Tulle Peony Flower Centerpiece

Gorgeous and simple, these centerpieces are a great way to use up old tulle while making your wedding feel just a little more bohemian. This is an excellent way to highlight your bouquet or any greenery you might add to your day. The peony cutouts are a nice alternative to Callas, and they can be used as a photo booth backdrop or paired with some silk flowers for your altar arrangement. A fun nod to spring at a time when nothing else is blooming!


Pink Rose Bouquet

A single pink rose in a glass vase is perfect for adding a floral touch to any reception. Not only is it sweet, but it can also convey so many different meanings: joy, warmth, and romance, just to name a few. For an all-around fantastic DIY bouquet idea, get crafty and try creating your own pink rose bouquet. It’s a great choice for those who aren’t looking to spend much or those who want to use organic materials. Plus, no one has to know you didn’t buy them! Depending on where you source your flowers from—whether it be from your local grocery store or farmer’s market—this might cost you nothing at all.


Greenery Corsage

One of my favorite DIY wedding flower decorations, it’s easy to do and you can also use it as a bouquet holder. All you need is a Styrofoam ball (here’s how to make one), fresh greenery (you can get some cheap ones in bulk), ribbon, glue, and small silver spheres. Once you glue all your greenery on, wrap it up with ribbon and decorate your Styrofoam ball with silver balls. For extra decoration, you can use some white paper around your Styrofoam ball or hang small pearls. This is not only a beautiful decoration but also has a practical use as well! You can use it as a corsage holder for yourself or even for someone else at your wedding!


 Pretty Popsicle Stick Flowers

Making Popsicle stick flowers is super easy and inexpensive. You can purchase popsicle sticks in bulk online or at your local craft store, and they’re great for adding a pop of color to a bouquet or flower arrangement. Take a bunch of popsicle sticks, soak them in water overnight, trim off any excess stick so that they’re roughly even, paint them with your desired color(s), place them on a thin wooden board and allow to dry overnight. Arrange some fake flowers with your homemade ones in vases for an added touch of fun!


Vibrant Handmade Flowers

Many brides don’t realize how easy it is to create their own floral arrangements. Even those who know DIY wedding florals can seem intimidating might find it worthwhile to try their hand at creating some of their flowers themselves. Why? Well, for one thing, brides spend quite a bit on hiring decorators; DIY wedding flowers can save you quite a bit of money while also letting you put your own personal touch on your arrangements. By learning how to make some of your own flowers and greenery, you can also take advantage of nature’s bounty: bouquets that are fresh from your garden or wildflowers from nearby fields will last longer and have a more authentic look than those made out of silk or plastic alternatives.


DIY Silk Rose Bouquet 

Silk flowers are popular for home decor, so why not add them to your wedding bouquet? This simple tutorial will show you how to make beautiful silk rose bouquet that stands out above all others. Before your wedding day arrives, you’ll have plenty of time to make several matching boutonnieres and corsages, too. Make these on your own or with friends; they’re relatively easy and can be made in a variety of different colors. Alternatively, make one of these flower arrangements as a gift for someone who is getting married. There’s nothing like handmade creations!


DIY Floral Headband Crown

The next wedding trend to try is creating a floral headband crown to complete your bridal look. This flower crown can be created on your own or as a collaboration with a local florist. You’ll need 24-28 different fresh flowers (make sure they aren’t toxic or poisonous), scissors, floral wire, a vase, water, and soft flower foam. Note that all of these materials can be purchased at a craft store near you! Have fun experimenting with different shapes and sizes of flowers until you achieve just what you want. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

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