8 Of The Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas

A bathroom mirror can be an unsung hero in your daily routine. Whether you’re applying makeup, shaving, or brushing your teeth, it’s the one place where you have to see yourself every day, and it can really change the way you look at yourself if it’s not put together well. Don’t let a poorly placed mirror lower your self-esteem. We have eight great ideas on how to make the most of your bathroom mirror space in your home!

1) Wood Statement Mirror

bathroom mirror

Add a touch of rustic glam to your bathroom with a wooden wall mirror. Wooden accents can be used throughout your space for an overall country feel, or you can add a single piece for style points. Place it above your vanity to make everyday grooming easier, or hang it in front of a window to let in natural light during morning routines.

2) Choose Big Mirrors

bathroom mirror

Placing a big mirror over your bathroom sink is a great idea if you want to create an illusion of space and make your room feel larger. Another benefit? Big mirrors help to bounce light around, so they can actually brighten up dingy bathrooms. Plus, they make it easy to check your appearance before you leave home!

3) Use Round Mirrors

bathroom mirror

Round mirrors are generally better for bathrooms because they don’t require a frame around them. They give an unobstructed view, and that makes them a great option to use in any bathroom. Just be sure to pick one with a simple, classic design so that it doesn’t draw attention away from your decor. A good option is an unframed mirror in either square or rectangular shape.

4) Install Frameless Glass Mirrors

Rather than using a framed mirror that detracts from your design, try opting for frameless glass. Installing a frame-less glass mirror is straightforward and can be done by you without any hassle; there’s no need to hire an expert. All you have to do is remove your old mirror and replace it with a new one.

5) Hexagon Mirror

bathroom mirror

The hexagon mirror, quickly became a hit among bathroom design enthusiasts. The design allows for more light to shine into your space while still offering an ample view of your reflection. With so many hexagon options out there, you’re sure to find one that matches your unique taste and style.

6) Metallic Mirror

bathroom mirror

A metallic mirror can really add a touch of class to your bathroom, especially if you’re looking for a simple way to make it feel more upscale. If you’re installing one in an older home that has a smaller bathroom, try incorporating it into an accent wall or grouping two or three small mirrors together on one wall. This will help fill up space and prevent things from feeling cramped and narrow.

7) Arc Mirror

An arc mirror, also known as a circle mirror, is one example of a stylish bathroom mirror idea. An arc mirror works well in smaller bathrooms where space may be limited, but you still want to create an airy atmosphere. It also looks great when mounted directly across from another similar-sized circle or arc mirror.

8) Suspended Mirror

bathroom mirror

If you’re looking for a new and unique bathroom mirror idea, consider suspending a mirror directly above your sink. This creates an interesting conversation piece and can make your whole room feel larger. But if you’re going to go with a suspended mirror, make sure it’s properly secured. The last thing you want is a falling glass shard landing in your sink.

Bonus Tip: Hang Unique Artwork Above The Vanity

There are lots of ways to make your bathroom more beautiful, but nothing quite packs a punch like an eye-catching piece of artwork. This can be anything from a framed photo or painting, to something more abstract, like a sculpture. Just be sure to hang it above your vanity mirror so you can admire it each time you brush your teeth in the morning and before bed at night.


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