8 Small Bathroom Ideas That Take Up Less Space

If you’re living in a small apartment and need some small bathroom ideas, don’t worry! You can get creative with your use of space to make your bathroom look bigger than it really is. From using mirrors to make the space look bigger to including some smart storage solutions, here are eight small bathroom ideas that will help you save space without compromising on function or style.

1) Petite Tub

small bathroom

If you’re lucky enough to have a large bathtub, take advantage of it by installing a petite tub instead. It saves space while still giving you a place to relax and unwind at night. Try placing one near a large window where you can soak in natural light as you enjoy your soak!

2) Add Open Shelving

Open shelving can add much-needed storage space in your small bathroom while also opening up your space to give it a more open, airy feel. If you have a corner of your room that’s particularly unused, consider converting it into an extra storage spot by adding an open shelf. Add a mirror above the shelf and you’ll be able to increase both storage and floor space without sacrificing valuable real estate.

3) Large Mirror

small bathroom

Mirrors take up very little room and can instantly make a small bathroom feel larger. And, they’re often quite cheap to buy. Go for a large mirror with a unique frame or design, as it will help to make your space feel more like home. If you don’t have space on your wall for one of these, try mounting one above your sink. This gives you an extra surface on which to apply makeup and do other tasks while making your bathroom appear less cramped.

4) Add a Plant

small bathroom

When it comes to small bathrooms, having greenery is one of your best bets for making a space feel fresh and relaxing. A few plants, placed on a shelf or window sill, can give your bathroom an instant burst of color and make it seem larger. If you have an especially small bathroom with no windows, be sure to choose plants that thrive in low-light settings like pothos and jade.

5) Combine Shower with Tub

small bathroom

The best way to save space in a small bathroom is to combine both your shower and tub into one area. This way, you’ll have extra room to sit and relax when you bathe. Just make sure there’s enough room for someone else to stand in front of you while bathing!

6) Get a Corner Sink

small bathroom

Getting a corner sink, if your bathroom has one of those little nooks that can fit one, can be a great space-saving trick. Corner sinks usually take up less space than regular ones, and they don’t have to get in your way when you’re just trying to brush your teeth and wash your face. Corner sinks are also very deep. So you can fill them with plenty of water for washing hands, bath toys, etc.

7) Floating Vanity

If you’re limited on space, a floating vanity, which doesn’t take up any floor space at all. It is one option. Most of these vanities have drawers and/or cabinets built-in, making them ideal for storage as well. If there isn’t enough countertop space to accommodate both a sink and your makeup regimen, a floating vanity can help make up for it.

8) Tuck Away Towels

Towels take up a lot of space, so rather than hanging them in plain sight on towel racks, try tucking them away in baskets for storage. It’s also a good idea to do away with decorative over-the-door holders; towels are easy to lose track of when they’re all crammed together like that.


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