Coaster Molds: Guide On How To Make Coasters

How do you use coaster molds? If you’re wondering, this article will explain the steps to using them to make your very own coasters at home! Coaster molds are made of silicone and are popular because they’re easy to use and produce fantastic results! You can even get customized coaster molds, or you can buy them in bulk so that you can make coasters for all of your friends and family.

Prepare the Resin

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Before you begin making coasters, it’s a good idea to get everything ready for your final project. You’ll need about 30 minutes before you start pouring resin into your mold and will want all of your materials close at hand. Gather up your tools. Measuring cups, stirring utensils, tape measurer, and disposable gloves (though you should wear them throughout), as well as paper towels or old newspapers. After you finish working with resin, clean up right away—resin begins hardening as soon as it touches air. Wipe away any drips with a cloth while they’re still wet; if not cleaned up promptly, the dried resin is very difficult to remove.

 Pouring the First Layer of Resin

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For best results, make sure your mold is completely clean and free of dust. Before you mix your resin, put on a pair of latex gloves. Then use your gloved hand to open up all of your resin pouring holes. Pour a small amount of resin into each hole, just enough so that it will cover all surfaces on one side but not flow over or leak out during later steps. Allow at least five minutes for the first layer to cure before mixing more resin and proceeding with the next step.

Put your decorations in the coaster molds

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Simply place your decorations in one at a time, placing a coin or other small object on top of each decoration and pressing them firmly into the mold. Place decorations in one at a time.

Pouring Additional Resin

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It’s really simple, place your mold on a level surface. Add resin up to a 1/2 away from where you want your final pendant size to be. Fill it just below half full and then add more resin until you have enough for your project. Remember when pouring more resin, stop after half of what you have filled already is remaining. If it has not yet reached the desired height, add another layer of pour and repeat the process until finished.

Leave to Cure

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When your coasters are done in your casting machine, don’t rush to remove them from their mold. Even if they have completely cooled, it is important that you leave them for at least 24 hours before removing them. If you remove them too soon, there is a chance that some parts of your coasters will be under-cured and you may be left with a final product that is not as strong as it could be. In some cases (particularly for larger objects), it can take up to 72 hours for your object to fully cure!

Finishing the Resin Casting Edge After Removing it from Coaster Molds

Coaster molds
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Cleaning up after casting a resin component is easy. The first thing you want to do is remove any sprue material with a wire brush, pliers, or nippers. Then sand off any rough edges. Finally, wipe down your part with denatured alcohol to remove any remaining residue from releasing agent and pour sprues. Finished parts will typically have a matte finish because they’re not as glossy as cast metal pieces. Once you’re done curing your piece, it’s ready for painting!

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