Diamond Painting: Everything You Need To Know

The trend of diamond painting has grown immensely over the last several years and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. It seems everyone you know has at least one piece of diamond painting in their home, if not more! If you’re ready to get started but have no idea where to begin, we’ve put together this guide to help you out. From understanding the different materials used in diamond painting to finding the perfect colors for your painting project, everything you need to know about diamond painting can be found here!

What is diamond painting?

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Diamond paints are a relatively new form of art, originating in Japan. It’s done on a flat plastic surface with a mixture of water and glue, making it ideal for children. It’s so easy to use that most people can create something gorgeous after just one session. The beauty of diamond painting lies in its simplicity. Diamond paintings are composed of simple lines, shapes, and dots – there is no mixing colors or blending required. Once you’ve had a go at the diamond painting once or twice, you’ll have no trouble creating your own designs. Even if they aren’t perfect they will look professional! There’s no way not to enjoy diamond painting because it makes even those who struggle with art look like an artist!

Why should I do it?

Diamond Painting is a fun way to learn how to be more creative. When I first found out what it was, I honestly thought it was going to be a boring and silly hobby. However, once I tried it, I realized that it’s so much better than that! Whether you’re doing it for yourself or for a child, diamond painting can become an amazing passion for anyone. It really is relaxing and very satisfying when you finish one of these projects. You can do as many or as few as you like but either way, they don’t take long at all. So grab some friends or family members and have some fun with Diamond Painting!

How can I learn it?

Diamond Painting
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The easiest way to learn is with a DVD. If you already have a kit, try YouTube; search diamond painting. There are thousands of videos on how to do various designs in detail, and there’s even an official website. Although it may seem like a simple art form, learning to master it takes patience and practice. And if you’re looking for something more free-form and social, check out Diamond Paint Party – they’ll bring everything (including instruction) right to your house!

What supplies do I need?

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The supplies for diamond painting are pretty simple. You’ll need a gridded surface, some paints, a paintbrush, and some diamonds (both for jewelry making and for doodling). The easiest way to get started is with an actual canvas; many artists purchase 24- by 30-inch pieces of stretched canvas that they can easily paint on while they lie on their backs. If you want something more portable, most kits come with a plastic version that has its own frame. If you opt for these, consider purchasing extra paint markers; either use them or lend them out to friends and family so everyone in your life can get in on the fun!

Buy diamond painting kit from Petrashops

Diamond Painting
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They have a wide variety of kits for sale, and their prices are competitive. Plus, if you have any questions or concerns, they’re happy to help. Petrashops also has great customer service, which is important because when it comes to creating diamonds, some mistakes will happen along the way. If you want to make sure that one of these mistakes doesn’t put your project on hold—or ruin it completely—having excellent customer service available is critical. The kit makes a great gift for family members and friends too! This craft activity is relatively inexpensive but makes for a great DIY party or outing that everyone can enjoy doing together. You’ll have a fun time trying out different techniques and teaching others how it’s done as well.


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