DIY Christmas Ornament- How to Make Your Own

We’ve compiled a list of the easiest and cutest DIY Christmas ornament that you can make yourself! These ornaments are easy enough to make in just a few minutes and can be made with things you probably already have in your home right now! Whether you choose to hang them on your tree, give them as gifts, or hang them around your house. These adorable DIY Christmas ornaments will surely be loved by everyone! So without further ado, here are some of our favorite DIY Christmas ornaments!


Look at what you have

When you have an idea for a DIY ornament, look around your house and see what items you can use. For example, if you want to hang something on your tree that has strings, use ribbon, yarn or string from an old pair of curtains. If you want to make a snowman out of cotton balls and pipe cleaners, grab some cotton balls and pipe cleaners from around your house. In addition to saving money on supplies, creating something from what you already have will also allow you to keep it forever rather than taking another trip out shopping or forcing someone else into spending hours searching for yet another store-bought item.


Create a list of materials needed


We all have extra items lying around from holiday purchases or make-at-home DIY projects that can be repurposed into Christmas tree ornaments. And by using these easy techniques, you can create your own beautiful ornament for next year’s holiday decorating. The best part? All of these supplies are materials you might already have lying around your house. So instead of buying something new. Use what you already have at home and come up with a beautiful piece that will become a family heirloom! It’s so simple!


Think about why you’re making this DIY Christmas ornament


Is it for yourself? As a gift? Even though you can buy an ornament, does that take away from your crafty and creative spirit? What will you do with your DIY Christmas ornament once it’s done? And hat do you want it to look like? In addition to what shape or form do you want it in? Are there certain colors or materials that go along with how you want to feel during Christmastime (perhaps reds and greens represent joy, while blues represent calmness)? Now that you know what looks good, imagine how each color feels. Is there one part of your DIY Christmas ornament that should be just a little bit brighter than everything else? Or is there one color, in particular, you want to stand out more than any other color on your homemade holiday decoration?


Craft it!


The holidays are a great time for family traditions, but a lot of those end up costing quite a bit. When I was younger, my family always bought elaborate pre-made ornaments that we could hang on our trees. It’s fun for everyone and a good way to keep your relatives in touch with one another. However, it does come at a cost: last year, my parents spent $200 on ornaments that we don’t use after Christmas is over. Instead of continuing that tradition, I decided to start making my own homemade DIY ornaments so we can enjoy them all year long! It’s easy and cheap—and they look just as beautiful as something you’d buy in a store!


Enjoy your new DIY Christmas decoration


There are many options when it comes to choosing a new decoration for your Christmas tree. You could purchase an expensive ornament from a high-end retailer, or you could get crafty and try making your own homemade decoration. If you want a unique way of showing off your family at Christmas, there are many simple designs that you can easily whip up yourself in no time! See one picture below for inspiration on how to make your own DIY Christmas ornament.


Share the result in your social media channels

You can make your own ornaments. They are simple and easy to do and would be a wonderful thing for you to give as a gift. While most people will just purchase some ornaments, there is something so special about making them yourself. It is also cheaper because you don’t have to go out and purchase materials. You can make these ornaments out of many different materials like glass, clay, wood, rope, paper, and even fabric! There are endless possibilities for what you can make as well so let your imagination run wild! Start by brainstorming all of your favorite objects that you would like on an ornament.

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