DIY Gift Toppers Ideas: Make Your Presents Stand Out

Gift toppers are small gifts that you can give to your friends and family members before they open the present they received from you. It’s an old custom that has been passed down from generation to generation, but it’s still practiced today because of its original intention—to lift the recipient’s spirits, especially if the gift they received is not what they were expecting or hoping for. You can use these DIY gift toppers ideas to create something that will add sparkle and style to any present!!

Creative Gift Tags

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If you want your gifts to really stand out from your friends and family’s presents, add a custom touch with DIY gift tags. There are plenty of ways you can customize them and make them special so that no one will ever forget who gave them such an awesome gift. Here are three easy ideas. All you need is a sharpie and matching colored cardstock paper.

1) Writing your name or initials on gift tags shows that not only did you get someone something personal but also that you care enough about them to make their gift completely unique. Also—what could be more considerate than writing their name instead of yours?

2) Using embellishments (like stickers or glitter) allows your personality to shine through in any gift.

3) Simple doodles can go a long way toward making gifts memorable!

Elegant Gift Bows

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We’ve all seen them, and we love them. And why not? Gift bows give your present that extra oomph that makes it feel special and really stand out from a crowd. The problem is that most of us don’t know how to make them, so we buy them at stores or just forget about including one entirely. It doesn’t have to be that way! There are tons of materials you can use around your house to create a beautiful bow – you just need some tape and scissors. Let me show you some pretty ideas on how to make your own elegant gift bows in no time at all! I promise they’ll make your gifts look amazing! DIY Gift Bows Printable Templates (PDF)

Flower Gift Toppers

For a fun and festive idea, look no further than a flower gift topper. Flowers are inexpensive and readily available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes; with just a little bit of creativity, you can easily turn ordinary flowers into extraordinary DIY gift toppers that will set your presents apart from others. Just add ribbon or twine for an extra pop of color!

Paper Snowflakes Gift Toppers

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If you have a knack for papercraft, why not make a pretty paper snowflake gift topper? As long as you can cut out simple geometric shapes, like triangles and squares, it’s a fairly easy DIY project. Simply glue your pieces together in any pattern you like. Then use some string or ribbon to hang your snowflake on top of a present. Alternatively, if you have some extra pom-poms lying around, stick them onto your snowflake as decorations.

Picture Gift Toppers

Customize your presents with picture gift toppers! They’re a cute way to add some personality and festivity to any present. For a quick DIY project, make custom tags out of favorite photos or prints. Or go digital with a personalized e-card that attaches to your wrapped package. If you want something simpler, photo magnets are an easy way to instantly create individualized gift tags that stick on flat surfaces. You can find them at craft stores in all shapes and sizes for really cheap! Just make sure it matches with whatever you’re putting under it! Also, you can look into professional custom-printed ones online.

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