DIY Shelving Unit: 5 Amazing Ideas

If you’re looking to increase your home storage without breaking the bank, there are tons of affordable ways to do it! If you’re handy with tools and have some spare time, here are five DIY shelving unit ideas that will add space and style to your home. And they’re all easy to make!

1) Industrial Style Shelves

Shelving Unit

Industrial style has made a comeback! If you want to try out industrial but don’t want to spend big bucks on an expensive brand, try the affordable and simple DIY industrial-style shelves. Take wood pallets or any large boards you can find at your local hardware store and create a DIY shelving unit that is sure to be an awesome addition to your home. You could even add wheels so that they can be moved around easily if needed. This is one of my favorite DIY projects. Give it a try today!

2) Artistic Wall Mounted Racks

Artistic Wall-mounted racks are a great way to add some industrial chic, as well as help you make use of extra wall space. They’re also a nice idea if you’re looking for something with a more artistic or non-traditional feel. These racks are not just for storing clothes but could be used for anything from displaying books to hanging potted plants. And because they’re on your wall, they won’t take up any floor space or clutter up your living room!

3) Media Tower Organizer

Shelving Unit

Want to add a little personality to your media center? Try making an organizer that blends in with your decor. All you need is some scrap wood, a few pieces of trim, and a few canisters to contain your movie collection or remote controls. This is a super easy project that takes less than 10 minutes and makes a great gift. It’s definitely one of our favorite DIY shelving unit ideas! For full instructions, click here.

4) Wooden Crates Shelf

For those looking for something a little more rustic, wooden crates are a great alternative to shelves. Simply arrange them on a wall and you have an instant shelving unit with tons of charm. Use various sizes and colors of crates for added visual interest, or paint them different colors to match your interior decor. If you don’t have any wooden crates lying around, you can find plenty at any local home improvement store. They are typically used to store things like nuts, bolts, screws, and other small items; be sure to grab them while they’re still empty! All that’s left is filling up your DIY shelves with your favorite items!

5) Ladder Shelf Bookshelves

Shelving Unit

Want to get really organized? You can make your own wooden ladder bookshelves that can help you do just that. With a little craftiness and DIY spirit. You’ll be able to transform wood into a unique DIY shelving unit in no time. And don’t worry, it’s not nearly as difficult as it may seem at first. Even if you don’t consider yourself an expert in carpentry or any other type of construction. What’s great about these types of shelves is that they can fit just about anywhere. Your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and even kitchen!

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