Five Ways to Upgrade Your Closet Doors

Do your closet doors seem like they need an upgrade? These five simple steps will help you give your closet doors new life, making them not only more beautiful but also easier to use and more secure than ever before. Whether you’re in the market for new closet doors or just want to spruce up the ones you have, these five tips will help!


Use a pull-down design


While many closets offer a door that swings open, some people are interested in alternative designs. These include doors that pull down, which are perfect for those who have low ceilings or limited closet space. Look at models that either slide on rails or retract into wall pockets for maximum storage space and convenience. You might also consider placing your door on a spring so it can be pushed up and out of your way when you need it out of sight. Smaller versions of these doors are available for places like walk-in closets. However, if you’re going with an adjustable system, make sure to choose one that has built-in stops. So it won’t bang against your walls or other pieces of furniture in your room.


Consider sliding doors


Sliding doors aren’t just for closets anymore. If you have an extra room in your house, think about creating a dressing room as part of a renovation. Sliding closet doors are much easier on your budget than custom-made glass doors, and you can still achieve sleek style with creative framing. And if sliding doors aren’t for you, why not open up your closet? You can easily install pocket or panel door systems without breaking too much of a sweat. This is an especially good option if space is at a premium or if there are particular features in your room that might be obstructed by traditional doors (e.g., wiring).


Add decorative hardware to your closet doors


You can change up your closet’s style by simply swapping out door hardware for something new. Many people will choose a basic design, such as a simple knob or ring that matches their existing hardware, but you don’t have to be bland about it. Go for something decorative and colorful like multi-colored knobs or a twist on old-fashioned lever handles. If you’ve got one of those blank white canvas closets with very little storage options within reach, an embellished handle will give you extra shelf space within reach of your hand when getting dressed in the morning. There are many creative ways to attach knobs and handles. So you won’t have any trouble finding a solution that fits your closet doors and design preferences!


Create pocket designs in your closet doors

If you have sliding closet doors, then you might be able to improve your storage space by adding built-in pockets. Pocket doors take advantage of wasted space and give you an easy way to create more storage in your closet. There are a few different ways you can use pocket designs for closets, including for hanging garments on a rod or hangrail rather than on hangers. If there’s no rod or rail in your closet, make one yourself. You can buy kits or build one from scratch with materials like dowels, rope and pulleys that are available at most hardware stores.


Coordinate closet doors with your bedroom furniture


To make your bedroom as luxurious as possible, it’s important to coordinate everything that goes into it. It doesn’t matter if your closet doors are metal or wood; you should choose a style and color that matches (or complements) your bedroom furniture. Doing so makes for a cohesive look throughout your room, which contributes to a more luxurious vibe overall.



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