How To Build A Firewood Rack For Your Home

Firewood rack is used to store firewood, usually out of the elements in an area like a garage or shed. You can choose to build your own firewood rack, which will allow you to customize it to fit your needs exactly, or you can buy one pre-made from your local home improvement store. This guide will help you learn how to build your own firewood rack, giving you a functional and convenient piece of outdoor furniture that will serve you well for years to come.

Materials List

If you’re trying to build your own firewood rack, there are a few materials you’ll need.

First, you’ll need wood boards of some sort – 2x4s work well because they’re sturdy and easily available in most home improvement stores. You’ll also need screws and nails, or even glue if you don’t want nails sticking out.

Next, you’ll need scrap pieces of wood; these will be used as spacers between each board. Any type of scrap wood will do – just make sure it’s clean so it doesn’t cause splinters when holding logs on your firewood rack!

Finally, you’ll need hardware cloth (also called hardware cloth or wire mesh). This is very easy to cut with scissors but is strong enough that it won’t wear out quickly.

The Frame

The most important part of your firewood rack is, well, you guessed it, your frame. Ideally, it should be sturdy and preferably made from metal. It will anchor your entire structure, so if it’s not up to snuff you might as well start over and scrap what you’ve got before going any further. A good frame can be constructed using either wood or metal; each material has its pros and cons. For example, wood may have a bit more of an aesthetic appeal than steel but isn’t quite as strong. Start by planning out how big your rack needs to be (the capacity) and then find materials that fit within those specifications.

Attach the Slats

Firewood Rack

You can use finishing nails or screws for fastening. The slats will sit on top of one another and should attach at least every foot or so on center (so you should have at least four screws in your piece of wood). These first few slats will overhang your baseboard—that’s ok. Once all of your pieces are attached, take a level and make sure that they are all even. If they aren’t, take them down and reattach them until you have an even surface across all six feet of your rack.

Add finishing

Firewood Rack

Finishing touches can make all of the difference when it comes to firewood racks. A few options are adding a hanging bar in addition to brackets, or even turning your wood rack into an end table by adding casters. If you’re using 2x4s and plan on staining your finished product. Wait until everything is done to stain your wood rack so that it can dry thoroughly. Then apply two coats of finish. If you want further protection from moisture and water damage, varnish rather than stain your wood rack.


Firewood Rack

Wood racks are functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces of furniture. A well-built firewood rack can last for years, helping you organize your home, keep it safe from pests, and add character to your property. If you’re ready to build one yourself, do it right now!


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