How to Repair a Torn Wallpaper

First things first, you need to figure out how extensive the damage to your wallpaper really is. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to patch it up! This guide will help you repair torn wallpaper so that your home or office looks as good as new. You don’t need to call in the professionals; this is something you can do on your own with the help of this article and some determination!

Things you will need – (Read here for more info)

Torn wallpaper

If you’ve got torn wallpaper on your wall. You need these things to repair it: wallpaper glue and wallpaper paste, a small spatula or plastic putty knife, old newspapers, masking tape. Also, Watch out for these 6 things: oil-based paints on ceiling and walls, dirty surfaces that might scratch your wallpaper when you try to remove it (including ceilings painted with latex paint), glossy surfaces that won’t hold paste very well (ceramic tile floors are one example of such surfaces), textured surfaces like brick or stucco walls, rough materials such as burlap or jute fabrics and freshly painted walls. You have to let your tape do all of the work.

Step 1. Cut Out a Patch of Wallpaper

You will need some wallpaper to repair your torn wallpaper. Find something that is similar in color and texture. Cut out a piece of paper that is at least one inch bigger than your tear all around. You may have to get creative with your cutting if you are patching over cabinets or fixtures. Also make sure that you don’t cut too close to these items, as they will stick out through your patch after it has been applied. Once you have created a template for your patch, place it on top of where you want it applied and use some painter’s tape (or any other clear tape) to hold it in place temporarily while we complete.

Step 2. Prepare the Adhesive

Before you start trying to put down wallpaper, take time to prepare. The most important step to repair torn wallpaper is making sure you have everything you need and are ready for any situation. Take time and make sure you have enough adhesive – it’s hard to work with too much, but if you’re running out halfway through a wall, it’ll be impossible to repair tears. You also want plenty of heavy-duty tacks and lots of extra paper towels – these two items can make all the difference when things go wrong. It’s best just to plan on having extra staff on hand in case problems arise; if something is missing or runs out, having an extra can be life-saving in your project.

Step 3. Cover the Damaged Area

Torn wallpaper

Once you’ve determined how big of an area needs to be covered, cut out a piece of wallpaper that matches the size of your wall. Remember that your new covering should go beyond the edges of your old paper by several inches in all directions (since walls aren’t perfectly straight and perpendicular). When you’re ready, apply glue liberally to one side of your torn paper and place it on top of where it was torn from. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles with a spatula or straight edge.

Step 4. Let it Dry

Allow time for it to dry completely—usually 24 hours for standard glues—and then repeat until all tears are gone. You may want to apply wallpaper across multiple layers or roll on wall texture over everything afterward for a more professional finish. For minor damage, you might be able to repair your wallpaper right away. Just make sure it’s absolutely dry, using a hairdryer if necessary. Lightly dust off any loose paper or fibers (this is why it’s so important to clean first). Then, use an artist’s brush dipped in slightly watery PVA glue and start applying it into holes. And crevices where paper may have gotten torn off. Work slowly and don’t worry about being neat. You can go back over your work with a clean paintbrush once you’re happy with how everything looks.

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