Jewelry Molds: Improve Them With These Tips!

Jewelry molds are an important part of the jewelry-making process since they allow you to cast your own custom jewelry pieces from molten metal so that you can create whatever piece you want in whatever size you need. They help reduce the waste of metal and money, but there are plenty of ways to improve them further than just buying an off-the-shelf mold from the craft store. Here are seven tips on how to do so.

What are jewelry molds?

jewelry molds
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If you want to make jewelry at home, then you’ll need a mold. Molding jewelry is a more cost-effective way of making it at home than having it created at a jeweler’s. However, when creating your own jewelry you want to ensure that you have a mold that will work with both your creative abilities and personal style. In addition, you don’t want one that will make it difficult for your finished piece of jewelry to sell for top dollar because of its lack of quality or value. Luckily, with some research and thought you can choose from hundreds of different molds and create beautiful pieces of jewelry from them.

The factors to consider when buying a mold

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There are quite a few factors you’ll want to consider when purchasing your jewelry molds. If you’ve ever shopped for a mold before, you’ll know that it can be confusing trying to figure out which one is best for your needs. To keep things simple, take these five things into consideration: Size, detail, flexibility, durability, and cost. Before purchasing any jewelry molds for sale online or at your local craft store, ask yourself how big of an object you want (in terms of size), how detailed do you want it (in terms of detail), and how many times can it withstand extreme heat and pressure before breaking down (in terms of flexibility).

Keep in mind: You won’t always get what you pay for with molds because prices vary widely by brand.

How to use resin with your jewelry mold

Resin is a popular medium for use with jewelry molds. There are several ways you can incorporate resin into your molds and castings, from gel casting to epoxy casting. It all depends on what kind of project you’re working on, but don’t forget that glass pieces can also be created with resin; check out our previous post on tips for successfully creating glass jewelry with resin. If you’re new to resin, here’s a good place to start: The Basics of Resin Casting.

Common problems people face when working with their mold

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  1. Loose parts will not hold together or come apart.
  2. Parts are too difficult to remove.
  3. Parts do not pop out easily and are destroyed in the process.
  4. Using a plunger is hard on your hand.
  5. Parts crack when trying to pop them out with a utensil and/or screwdriver.
  6. Springs inside molds don’t work correctly or work at all (in which case you have part A holding part B together with one side out of place).
  7. Using molds that fit poorly together causes more problems than expected (in which case you end up wasting more of your precious supplies).

Clean up tips and helpful ideas

Clean your jewelry molds regularly to make sure that casting is as easy and as seamless as possible. If you spend time taking care of your mold, it will last longer, which will help save you money in the long run. There are two types of mold-cleaning products on market: acidic (acetone, alcohol) and non-acidic. Some jewelers say that acidic cleaning products can damage platinum molds while others swear by them. Check with your manufacturer before deciding what type to use.

Do it in a proper manner!

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The first thing that you need to do is decide how you want your final product to look. How are you going to create your mold, what type of material will you use, and how detailed do you want it? Once you decide on all these aspects, it will be much easier for you to decide what sort of a mold or pattern to use. You will also need to find a pattern for your ring as well as an interesting stone or crystal which can be placed in it. The more specific you are about these things, there higher is the chance that people might like what they see when they look at your ring. Therefore, getting started on such projects can become easy if only one approaches them in a proper manner.

Buy Jewelry Molds From Petrashops

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If you have trouble finding a mold you like, we’re happy to provide our mold collection. You’ll find gold, silver, and other precious metal jewelry molds available on our site. By creating your own jewelry, you can maintain control over every aspect of your design including choosing a combination of stones that fit your budget. Don’t limit yourself to designs sold in stores; make what you want! Choose from 14K gold or sterling silver molds. We also provide earrings, pendants, and cuff bracelet design ideas for use with our shaped ring molds. Browse through our Petrashops now!

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