Paint Stones: 5 Easy Steps!

Paint stones are a fun, exciting way to decorate your home or garden, but it can be difficult to get the results you want if you’re not following the right steps. That’s why we’ve created this guide to painting stones so that you can take advantage of your materials and learn from our own experience so that you can get great results on all of your projects! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, these five easy steps will help you to paint stones like a pro.

1) Gather all your materials

paint stones

Painting stones isn’t terribly difficult, but you need a few key materials. Gather a variety of smooth, flat stones of varying shapes and sizes (you can find them online or in your local craft store). You’ll also need acrylic paint (or similar), water brushes, and stencils. Grab some sealant spray as well, as you’ll want to ensure that your newly painted rocks will last outside. While you don’t need an expensive array of art supplies for painting stones, it does help if you have high-quality tools.

2) Soak your pebbles in the water

paint stones

Once you’ve picked out your pebbles, you’ll need to soak them in water for an hour or so. This step helps prepare them for painting. If any pebbles float, toss them out—floaters indicate that they’re hollow inside, which will make it hard to hold paint (and also makes them much less fun). After a few hours of soaking, most of your stones should be fully submerged and ready for painting. Note: You can skip soaking if you want a smoother surface; just be sure to apply glue instead of water to make your stone adhere more easily.

3) Paint!

The first step in painting stones is deciding what color paint you want to use. There are plenty of options out there and they’re all pretty cheap, so stock up on as many colors as you like! The paints also come in different finishes, so it’s a good idea to get a few different kinds if you plan on painting rocks regularly. No matter what kind of finish you use, always make sure that your rocks are clean and dry before applying a new coat of paint. The final step is deciding where your new paint rock will go. The possibilities are endless! As long as there’s something flat nearby for your rock (e.g., a table), there’s no reason why someone couldn’t place their newly painted stone anywhere they want!

4) Let your paint dry

An easy way to paint rocks is to let your spray paint dry. Once it’s dried, you can use markers or paint pens on top of it. You could also write a message and throw it in a body of water for someone else to find! However, it may be worth practicing on an extra rock before you start painting with permanent markers.

5) Hang them up

Hang your stones from a tree, balcony, or porch. It will be easier for them to dry in an open space and there won’t be any worries about water dripping on furniture! The colors will also brighten up any room. No one wants a white wall. The easiest place is a gutter or fencepost outside if you have these options near you. If not, they can still be displayed outside but they will take longer to dry. Choose colors that don’t need much sun exposure such as purples, greens, or blues. Brown colors should be dried indoors with ample sunlight; brighter colors such as yellows and reds should also dry indoors without sun exposure if at all possible.

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