Paper Gift Bag: 5 Creative Ideas!

Paper gift bags are a great way to wrap presents when you don’t have much time or when you need something cheap and simple. But they can also be an opportunity to liven up your gift wrapping and make something that’s usually boring into something fun and cute, which is what we’re going to talk about today! Here are ten creative paper gift bag ideas that might give you some inspiration when you’re trying to find the perfect way to wrap someone’s gift next time.

1) Paper Cupcake Gift Bags

Paper gift bag

If you want to give your friends and family a sweet treat but are worried about breaking your budget, try making your gift bags out of paper cupcake wrappers. Since these items are for baking, they’re sturdy enough to handle everyday use and festive enough to brighten up even Santa’s jolliest (or grumpiest) mood. Plus, you can easily color coordinate with your wrapping paper if you have any leftovers from last year. If you don’t have any paper cupcake wrappers on hand, ask a friend who bakes if they can spare some or check with a local bakery that might be willing to donate some extra wrappers.

2) Paper Yarn Bags

Paper gift bag

Any kind of yarn can be woven into a bag, but the paper is often a great choice. Paper bags are sturdy enough to hold their shape for years but thin enough that you can fit an entire pillowcase full in one. To create your own paper bag yarn, simply cut your paper down to 4-inch strips and begin weaving in and out. If you’re working with wider paper bags, you might have to fold them in half first so that they don’t fall apart while you work with them. Once done weaving, close off your bag by knotting it together or wrapping string around each end of your weaving loop. Your paper gift bag is ready!

3) Paper Bag Gusset Envelopes

Paper gift bag

Gusset envelopes (also called paper bag gussets) are an easy way to add a little something extra to gift bags, party favors, and other papercrafts. If you need a quick, but elegant envelope for your homemade card or note, try these envelope-style paper bag gussets. Gusset your own envelopes using color printer paper, scissors, and glue. Cut a square from your colored printer paper large enough to accommodate two or three sheets of tissue paper folded in half. Fold up both sides of each side of your sheet by 1⁄2 and then fold them down again so that they form an envelope shape with pleats on all four sides. Use double-sided tape or glue stick to secure all four flaps together along their entire length.

4) Pom-Pom Tissue Holders

Sometimes you don’t want a full-blown tissue box, but need something to hold just a few tissues. Try making pom-pom tissue holders by wrapping fabric scraps around small toilet paper rolls, tying them off, and gluing on buttons for eyes. Adorable and functional—what more could you ask for? Use these in your powder room, on your kitchen counter, or even at work. They make great, inexpensive stocking stuffers too!

5) Paper Bunny Bags

For a cute Easter party idea, try making little paper bunny bags. Stuff them with Easter goodies, and tie them up with a cute ribbon! This is such an easy craft to do, but it’s sure to be loved by children and adults alike. If you want to make your paper gift bags look even more like adorable bunnies, try attaching googly eyes! Googly eyes are very affordable and available online or at your local craft store. These gift bags are a fun way to decorate for Easter parties or just as an addition to your home decorations for springtime!


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