The Topmost 6 DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas

Need to get your kitchen organized? Don’t have time to go buy expensive bins and organizers? We’ve got 6 great DIY kitchen organization ideas that will help you get your kitchen in order and make it easy to keep it that way. Plus, these projects are super cheap to make and can be completed with items you already have around the house.


Kitchen Organization Ideas- All You Need To Know

A well-organized kitchen is something many cooks dream of but not everyone has a knack for putting everything away in its place. Maybe you just can’t find space for more containers or drawers. Or maybe your family members don’t have their own set places for things. The good news is there are plenty of simple tricks to keeping your kitchen organization that won’t break your budget or take hours to implement. These six cheap and creative solutions might be all you need to get your kitchen up and running like a well-oiled machine!


Utilize Vertical Space



If you have more than a few cabinets, maximize vertical space by adding a second shelf to each. If you have shelves installed on all four sides of your cabinets, you may want to consider installing shelving across your door (it’s actually easy). You can organize and store small items, such as sponges or cleaning products, or even bakeware here.

Not only will it keep things off of your countertops but it will also keep these products out of sight so they’re not an eyesore. Once your baking utensils are hidden behind closed doors. You won’t feel tempted to reach for them while in search of more sugar! This is a great trick for anyone who might be going through withdrawals from their favorite pantry treats.

Since most kitchen organization includes pantries, it makes sense that we offer tips specifically for them. Consider getting rid of everything that’s expired or unopened. You don’t need three boxes of pasta sauce when one would do just fine! Set up shelves on either side if there’s room and divide your goods into categories:

Dry goods;
Canned goods;
Snack foods;
Frozen foods;
Baking supplies like flours and sugars; etc.


Install a Wall Mounted Pot Rack



Not only does a pot rack bring a touch of elegance to your kitchen, but it can also help you to declutter your counters. Pots and pans that are on display will no longer scattered around your kitchen and you’ll be able to easily identify what’s missing. One thing’s for sure: adding a pot rack will take the organization up a notch in your kitchen. Install pull-out shelves. Along with freeing up counter space, pull-out shelves are great for clearing out drawers by stacking pots, pans, and serving ware neatly behind doors.

Drawers will slide more smoothly with items less crammed inside. So you’ll spend less time digging through them when looking for something specific like your trusty spatula or a set of measuring spoons. You can even add an additional pull-out shelf to store flatware! Pull-out shelves aren’t just designed for kitchen use. They’re perfect anyplace with limited storage space where items get lost or left behind because they’re not easily accessible. They’re especially handy in closets where bulky sweaters aren’t easy to remove from hangers without knocking other clothes off!


Use Bins



Bins are a great way to organize your kitchen and make it easy to see what you have. You can easily turn something like a bin into a decorative piece. Try using brightly colored bins so they don’t blend in with all of your other white appliances. This also makes it easier to find items as they’ll stand out against their surroundings. If you’re tight on space, wall-mounted baskets can be just as effective as bins without taking up any additional room on your countertop or floor!

Also, if you want to hide everything but still want an eye-catching piece for your kitchen organization, consider clear containers and labeling them. The clear container is aesthetically pleasing while still providing some order to your kitchen cabinets and shelves. To go one step further when utilizing clear containers (and labels), color code labels based on the type of food stored inside – making dinner time even simpler by helping identify options at a glance. (This can help reduce food waste by speeding up dinner prep time.) Also try using chalkboard paint or dark ink markers to keep items organized, like notes about when certain products will expire and other notes that help remind yourself why certain foods are stored together when there’s no label.


Use Drawer Dividers



Kitchen drawers get messy and hard to manage because all of your stuff is just tossed in there. Dividers are a great way to prevent things from becoming jumbled. Instead of throwing everything into a drawer, set dividers down so that you can put everything back in its place when you’re done with it. You can either buy drawer dividers or make them yourself using plain manila folders. (It’s super easy!) Once they’re in place, label each one for easy identification: silverware on one side; plates on another; Tupperware on another. Over time, each divider will become a dumping ground for whatever items belong together but have nowhere else to go—so be sure to regularly dump out your drawers and clean up those piles! It’ll make everything much easier to use and clean. (via HGTV)


Get Creative With Plastic Storage Containers



There are a lot of different ways to use plastic storage containers to organize your kitchen, but probably one of my favorites is to create a spice rack. I love having everything within reach on my countertop and having an organized spice rack makes it super easy to do that. I like using glass jars because they look great, but any kind of plastic container will work just as well as long as you label them with a marker! You can fill your containers with anything in your kitchen. But here’s what I would recommend AS BELOW!

  • Mix up salt and pepper in one container;
  • Dried herbs and seasonings in another container, and sugar and flour in yet another;
  • Label them clearly so you can easily find what you need each time you need it.


Organize Like Items Together

Organizing items like with like makes it easy to find what you’re looking for—and get it back in its place when you’re done. Keeping your spices in a drawer that opens from left to right, for example, will make them easier to find than keeping them mixed in with utensils and cooking pans; similarly, if your spoons are kept next to other silverware, they will be easier to locate than if they were mixed in with knives. With these simple tactics, staying organized should take less time out of your day.






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